1.   What is Piing?

Piing! is an innovative, on-demand dry-cleaning & laundry service that will be your trusted laundry partner for life! With the Piing! app offering you a convenient and quality experience, you will never have to waste your precious time on a mundane chore like laundry again. In just one tap in the app, Piing! picks up and delivers your laundry, anytime you want, no matter where you are. We'll take care of your dry-cleaning & laundry... the only thing you need to focus on is your new-found free time!

2.   How does Piing work?

Just tap on the app to use the Piing! Now feature and have the nearest available Piingo pick up your laundry. If you want to schedule a pick-up for later, just tap on Schedule Later and choose your desired day/time slot. Clean and freshly-pressed clothes will be delivered to your doorstep at your convenience. It doesn't get simpler than this!

3.   How do I sign up?

You can download the Piing! app from the Google Play Store or App Store. Once you install the app, log in with your Facebook account or enter your email address. Fill in your address, input your credit card information and your registration is complete. Now, you're all set to say goodbye to your laundry woes! You can also use the Piing! service on our website.

4.   Do I need to have a phone number to register?

Yes, we will need your phone number to notify you of your order status and help you enjoy a host of other mobile-friendly features. But if you are not a resident of Singapore and don't have a working phone number, select as tourist on the Sign ­ Up page to complete the registration process.

5.   I'm a resident of Singapore. Can I opt for the tourist package?

Do note that the tourist packages have been specially tailored to cater to the needs of travellers. A host of features including Referral Points and Recurring Schedules may be disabled if you register as a tourist.

6.   Who is a Piingo?

Piingos are our super efficient and helpful laundry warriors who are always at your service. They are ready to pick-up and drop-off your laundry, any time you want!

7.   What are Piing's hours of operation?

We are at your service, from 1 PM to 11 pm, six days a week(Monday through Saturday).

8.   How do I know if the service is available in my area?

Our spin cycle has just begun in Singapore! Too see if our service is available in your area, just enter your postal code here and find out!

9. What is your turnaround time for delivery?

With the Piing! Regular Order, your Wash & Fold is delivered in 3 days and your Wash & Iron, Dry Cleaning and Ironing orders are delivered in 3 days. If you select the Express Order, your clothes will be delivered the next day, no matter what service you select! Note that orders placed on Saturday will have extended turnaround time since we don't operate on Sundays.

10. What is Piing! Live?

With Piing!, you never have to wait around endlessly anymore! Piing! Live lets you track your order and stay informed, right from when you place the order till the time the laundry is done and is ready to be delivered to you! At every step of the way, you are updated about your order on the app. That's not all! Using our live tracking algorithm, you will even be able to track the Piingo in real-time for the entire 60 minutes of your pick-up and delivery time slot, ensuring you are completely in control of your schedule, at all times!

11. Is there a minimum order limit?

Yes! minimum order value would be $40. However, do note that to avail the Wash and Fold service, your order has to weigh a minimum of 5 kg. Don't worry about the small variations in weight, we will round it off to the next figure — Anything above 4.5 kg will be considered 5 kg.


12. What is Wash & Fold/Load Wash?

Washed, tumble-dried and folded, the Wash & Fold option will leave your dryer-safe clothing feeling warm, soft & fuzzy. In Wash & Fold/Load Wash, we wash all garments in single Wash Cycle and there is possibility of color bleed, which is beyond Piing's control.

13. What is Wash & Iron?

Hate creases? Then this option is for you. After a good wash, your clothes will be ironed to perfection and returned on a hanger or folded, based on your preference.

14. What is Dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a no-water cleaning method that is ideal for fabrics that need extra care and can't be washed or tumble-dried.

15. Can I give bedsheets, curtains and other non-personal items for Wash & Fold?

Absolutely! You can provide household items such as bedsheets, quilts, and comforters for Wash & Fold service. However, items like curtains, carpets, and sofa covers need to be processed under Dry/Steam Cleaning.

16. Why won't you wash some of my clothes?

If you have an extra special garment that needs special attention, we need to assess the situation to let you know if we can handle it. We will keep you informed about any additional charges that may be incurred.


17. Are my whites washed separately?

Sure! Do note that the bag of whites and the bag of coloured clothes need to weigh a minimum of 5 kg each. For orders weighing less than that, the charges will be for a minimum of 5 kg per bag. For example, 2 kg of white clothes and 5 kg of coloured clothes will still amount to a Wash & Fold bill of 10 kg in total.

18. Can I provide any special instructions /preferences regarding my clothes?

Of course! We want to take care of your clothes like you would! Here are some of the preferences you can let your Piingo know:
- If you want your Wash & Iron garments to be placed on a hanger or folded.
- If any garments require Low, Medium or High starching.
- If any garments have any stains that need taken care of.
- If any expensive garments need any special care.
- If any other instructions/preferences are to be noted.

19. Can you get a stain out for me?

Let your Piingo know about a stubborn stain during collection and we'll do our best to get rid of that bad boy. But some stains can be a pain, even for the experts. So we can't guarantee anything in certain cases.

20. I want to starch my clothes. Will there be any additional charge?

We'll do it for free! We love the look & feel of a crisply starched shirt as much as you do. Just let your Piingo know what garments you want starched and we'll have you looking smart for no extra charge!

21. Will my garments be hung out to dry?

Of course not! Each order gets its own washer and dryer which is why we ask for a minimum order of 5 kg for Wash & Fold garments.

22. Are my clothes washed along with someone else's?

Of course not! Each order gets its own washer and dryer which is why we ask for a minimum order of 5 KG for Wash & Fold garments.

23. Where does my laundry get done?

Your laundry is in safe hands! Piing! has built a network of efficient laundry partners all across Singapore, who have been picked after a rigorous 14- point selection process to ensure that they will provide the best quality and standard of care for your clothes.

24. How are delicate fabrics like silk and embellished clothes treated?

We treat your clothes with nothing but tender lovin' care. Delicate fabrics will be hand-washed and steam ironed with utmost caution. But do ensure that your clothes are tumble-dry safe if you are including delicate fabrics in your Wash & Fold or Wash & Iron basket. We recommend that you read the care label of the clothing before placing the order.

25. Am I charged extra for certain special fabrics?

We believe in total equality! Whether we hand wash your exquisite lace dress or wash your worn out pair of jeans, we charge you standard rates.

26. What temperature are the clothes washed at?

To ensure the best care for your precious garments, we only use cold water.


27. If I Piing! Now, how long will you take to pick-up my laundry?

Once you Piing! Now, a Piingo will be there to pick up your laundry in just 60 minutes! In the rare case that no Piingo is available at the given moment, the Schedule Later form will pop up, showing you the next available time slot.

28. What if I don't want an immediate pick-up?

It's simple! Tap on the Schedule Later feature on the Piing! app that allows you to select a pick-up day and time that is convenient for you!

29. Can I place a new order while an earlier order is still in progress?

Yes, you can place a new order anytime you wish! The only time the Piing! Now feature won't be available is two hours before the pick-up and delivery time slots of your existing order. However, when the Piingo arrives to pick-up or drop-off your laundry, you can create a new order with the Piingo, on the spot!

30. Can I pick the exact time of the Piingo's arrival?

Unlike most laundry & dry cleaning services in Singapore that give you a three-hour window as a time slot for pick-up or delivery, Piing! lets you pick a time slot of just one hour. This way, you'll never have to wait for hours for your Piingo! to arrive. That's not all! The Piing! Live feature lets you track your Piingo real-time for the exact ETA of your Piingo.

31. What if I'm not going to be at home for the delivery?

All you gotta do is select the Delivery at Door option and we will leave your laundry at your doorstep, waiting for you. But do note that Piing! will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to your unattended laundry. Also, if you choose Delivery at Door, the PayNow option will not be available.

32. Can my order be picked-up even when I'm not at home?

With Piing! Its all about convenience. Just let Piingo! know from where to collect the laundry.

33. Can I change my delivery address after placing an order?

Yes! You have until 12 midnight before the day of delivery to update your delivery address. You won't be able to change your address anytime after that. Note that when you change the delivery address, the time slot is subject to change, based on availability.

34. What if I don't want my clothes to be picked-up or delivered at home?

With Piing! you enjoy the convenience of ordering for a pick-up or delivery on the go, no matter where you are. For example, if you want your laundry to be picked-up from your workplace or delivered at the beach, just let us know and we will do just that!

35. Can I add multiple addresses?

Yes, of course! Head to your profile on the app and add as many pick-up and delivery addresses, as you wish! Once you do that, every time you place an order, you can select any of those addresses from a drop-down menu. You can also modify or delete these addresses at your convenience. Note that if there is an order in progress currently for any particular address, you won't be able to modify it.

36. My pick­up/delivery address is not within your areas of service.

While our spin cycles are already running in all major areas of Singapore, we're still ironing out the creases in other locations. Meanwhile, feel free to pick an address in an area that we do serve, to enjoy the Piing! experience. You can also sign up for our newsletter for latest updates, discounts and even a free credit worth $10.


37. How do I prepare for my first order?

If you're a first-time Piing! user, we will ensure it's all smooth sailing for you! Once you place your order, the Piingo will carry two laundry bags - one for Wash & Fold garments and the other for Wash & Iron/Dry Cleaning garments based on order booking. You put all the clothes you want washed and folded in the Wash & Fold bag and the ones you want pressed or dry-cleaned in the Wash & Iron/Ironing/Dry Cleaning bag.

38. How do I know the estimate cost of my order?

Soon after a Piingo collects your order, you can view an estimate bill in the app. This tentative bill is subject to change based on any special instructions or extra care that your garments may need during the laundry process. The final bill will be updated on your app within 48 hours. You can also get an estimate by checking out our complete price list that is available on the Piing! app and our website.

39. How much should my Wash & Fold order weigh?

Your Wash & Fold order needs to weigh a minimum of 5 kg. To give you a rough idea, 1 kg equals to around 15 men's shirts, or 2 pants or 4 short dresses.

40. Can I keep the Piing! bag?

If you are a customer who has set up a weekly or monthly laundry schedule using our Recurring feature, you will be able to keep the Piing! bag with you.


41. Can I get my laundry picked up and delivered at a regular frequency?

Yes, Piing! Allows you to set up a laundry & dry cleaning schedule with the Recurring Wash feature.

42. How does the Recurring Wash feature work?

This handy feature allows you to pick the same delivery day and time, every week or month. This way, you'll enjoy seamless laundry-pick up and delivery routine without any extra coordination.

43. I am a recurring customer and won't be in town for a while. How do I cancel my next pick-up?

Super simple! Just pause the Recurring Schedule feature in one tap and you're done! Unpause when you are ready to resume the Piing! service.

44. What other benefits can I enjoy as a recurring customer?

As a Recurring Wash customer, you are top priority! You always get the time slot of your choice, order after order. Even if you change your pick up date, a day before your original schedule, a slot will always be free for you - a feature only recurring customers enjoy!


45. What is Piing's Referral program?

With Piing!, the more the merrier! Our Referral Wash program allows you to share your invite code with friends & family, who can use it to sign up with Piing! and earn a credit of $15. When each one of them places the first order with Piing!, you earn $15 too! and minimum spent should be more than $25 to enjoy $15 off. The more people sign up with Piing! using your code, the more free washes you get! In our referral program, the person who is referring and the person who is being referred cannot have the same address in registered in Piing to be entitled to the referral discount.

46. How do I refer a friend??

It's super simple. In the 'My Wallet' on your app, you can see your unique Invite Code which you can share with anyone you like. You can use the social share buttons next to your invite code for easy sharing with friends and family. Once they sign up with your code and place their order, you’ll get a free wash for each of them.

47. How do I claim my free wash?

If you are signing up with Piing! using someone's Invite Code, you'll earn a free wash worth $25. This free wash will automatically be used when you place your order and bill amount is more than $40.

48. Can I use all my free washes together?

No, you can use only one free wash per order. You cannot club two free washes. There's however, no limit on the number of free washes you can earn.

49. What if my order is less than $40?

If the order value is less than $40 then you'll not be able to enjoy the discounted free wash price on first order. If your second order qualifies with bill amount more than $40 then $25 free wash coupon will be applied to order.

50. Where do I check my free washes?

Tap 'My Wallet' on your app to see Free Washes. Here you'll be able to see how many free washes you've earned. If you have none, you can refer friends to earn washes.


51. Where will I find the itemized bill on the app?

Head to the My Washes section on your app and you will find a summary of all your latest orders. Tap on the order to view the itemized bill for it. We will also send you the bill on your registered email address. Your bills will be reflected only when the collection of clothes is complete.

52. How do I pay?

To make your life easier, we allow you to either pay PayNow or use a credit card for a cashless transaction. However, tourists can use Credit/Debit card as mode of payment. *All prices listed are Inclusive of GST 7%.

53. Is there a Minimum order value per order?

Yes, there is minimum order value of $40 per order.

54. Is my debit/credit card information safe?

We take your privacy and security very seriously and use an encrypted payment gateway used by brands like Uber & AirBnB.

55. Can I tip the Piing! representatives?

Piing! has a strict policy against tipping. If you ever encounter a situation where a Piingo requests for a tip, you can notify us by leaving a comment in the feedback form.

56. I have linked two credit cards to my Piing! account. How do I select only one of them for an order?

Every time you place a new order, you will see a drop down menu on your screen that lets you choose the payment method of your choice for that particular wash. To edit, add or remove a payment method, you can always head to the 'Payment' section in the menu to make the changes.

57. I selected my credit card as a payment method for an order, but I have changed my mind and want to pay by PayNow.

No problem! Just let our Piingo know that you want a change of payment method at the time of delivery and you can pay using PayNow.

58. How do I apply my discount or promo codes?

Tap the More tab in the bottom of your app and then tap on the Promotions section. You will be able to enter your promo code. Once you apply the code, you will automatically enjoy the discount on your next wash.


59. Is there a pick-up fee?

No! Be it a heavy laundry bag filled with clothes or a single suit for dry cleaning, we are at your doorstep to pick-up for free. And that’s the Piing! promise! But do note that if we are unable to reach you at your location during the scheduled time slot, a no-show fee of SGD 9.99 will be charged after a two-minute wait time.

60. Is there a delivery fee?

With Piing! You enjoy ZERO delivery charges with Minimum order of $40.

61. What constitutes an on-time delivery?

On-time delivery includes a 15-minute buffer after the chosen delivery slot. If our Piingo arrives any later than that, we won’t charge you for delivery.

62. What if there is a failed delivery attempt?

On arrival at the location for a pick-up or delivery during the scheduled time slot, our Piingo shall try to contact the customer. If there is no response, the Piingo will wait at the customer’s location for two minutes, during which push notifications and SMS reminders will be sent to the customers. If there is still no response, a no-show fee of $9.99 is charged. Note that this fee is charged only on the failure of on-time pick-up and deliveries.

63. Can an order be rescheduled during the pick-up or delivery time slot?

If the customer decides to reschedule the pick-up or delivery order after the scheduled time slot commences, a rescheduling fee of $9.99 is applied. If the Piingo hasn’t yet left for the location or hasn’t reached the location on time, the customer can reschedule for free. So, always remember to reschedule in advance to avoid incurring any fees.

64. Why do certain time slots have discounts?

We believe in optimizing our time and efforts to ensure you always enjoy the best service. If there is a surge in demand for certain time slots or areas, you can enjoy a discount on orders booked during those specific time slots as it helps us optimize our logistics. It’s a win-win for everyone!

65. Why do certain time slots have a surcharge?

We believe in maintaining a transparent system so that you know exactly what you are paying for. There could be a surcharge during certain time slots due to additional expenses incurred due to statutory fees like ERP, or due to heavy traffic in certain areas during particular time slots. We offer a wide range of time slots to customers everyday, so you can choose what works best for you.


66. How do I update or change my account information?

Tap on the 'More' tab on the bottom of your app to go to your profile section of your account. Tap on the 'Edit Profile' button and you can update everything from your password and your email to your phone number.

67. How do I change my registered email address?

In the profile section of your app, tap on the Edit button and feed in your new email ID. You will receive an activation link in the inbox of the new ID. Once you click on it, your email details will get updated automatically. If you don't click on the link, your account will continue to be associated with the previous email address.

68. How do I change my registered phone number?

In the profile section on your app, tap the Edit button and feed in your new phone number. You will receive a OTP (One Time Password) on your new number, which you will need to enter into the app as part of the verification process. Once verified, your new number is updated.

69. How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, tap on the forgot password link and you'll receive an email inviting you to reset your password. Always remember to choose a unique password to protect your account.

70. What do I do if I can't access my account or if if my account is suspended?

Our customer care representatives are always your service! Just drop us a quick note at or get in touch with us at (+65) 31053105 and we'll fix that for you.

71. Why am I unable to change or update my email address and phone number?

If you are unable to edit your profile information despite following the process, shoot an email to our customer care representatives at or call us at (+65) 31053105.


72. What do I do if I am having app-related issues?

If you are facing any technical issues with the app, you can always get in touch with our customer care representatives at or call us at (+65) 31053105.

73. Why am I unable to use the Piing Now feature?

Looks like our Piingos are currently caught up. And they don't want to keep you waiting. Try our 'Schedule Later' option to pick a time slot of your convenience.

74. What if I want to submit a complaint or suggestion?

We take your feedback very seriously! If you have a complaint to register or a suggestion for us, you can use our feedback form to let us know your thoughts.